How To Do a Baby Massage in 3 Minutes

How to Squeeze in a Massage

Sometimes we just don’t have the time, or your little one doesn’t have it in them to sit through a full massage, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Babies are much more sensitive and paying attention to their subtle cues before they escalate can help us all have more serenity.

An abbreviated massage is good when baby is:
  • still slightly calm and alert
  • you can tell they are getting tired
  • not crying or fussing too much
  • a little distracted but still seem interested

These are also great opportunities to find your center, be flexible, and get creative. Here is a short video to show you how I would do this shorter session. You will see that there is no set routine, it’s best to go with the flow of your baby.

You will find that even the shortest routines have big benefits. When I recorded this video for instance, it was during the day. Zander had just woken from a nap and usually that would be the best time to film or do something calm and relaxing with him. This ended up being perfect because he started getting restless, which helped me to show you a perfect scenario!

The interesting thing is that I usually do his massages at night, before his bath and bedtime. We don’t have many opportunities to see the effects of the massage because I like to save it for our bedtime routine, as you can imagine, since it works wonders.

Well this afternoon when I recorded the video, for the rest of the day he was extremely calm. Happy, but just really, really chill. We actually started to wonder if he was okay, I mean, he was reallllly chill. What we realized was that from this short session he benefited SO MUCH! Or wait, WE ALL benefited so much!

It only takes a little to help you and your little ones have more balanced, relaxing time together. My intention is to take small steps every day to achieve health, happiness, and peace. This shorter massage can be squeezed in to any 5 minute window and is one way to do that. Let me know how it goes!

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