Combining spa expertise and mommyhood, this site was created to help you soothe the newest member of your family.

My name is Becca Starr. Before becoming Zander’s Mom, I owned and managed spas in Connecticut and Los Angeles, as well as worked with them and for them for almost 20 years. It is now my life calling to be Zander’s Mom full-time.

zTo give you some personal history, I actually never thought we would have children. My husband was pretty upfront about his lack of interest in it. For me, I never felt like I was missing anything. I figured if Matt woke up one day and said he was ready, I could flip a switch and happily step into parenthood with him, but if not, I really thought I was complete. Then something happened shortly after my 39th birthday. It hit me. I realized I NEEDED to be a mother, and if we didn’t have a child soon, the day would come when I wouldn’t have the choice anymore, and I feared I would deeply regret it. And just like that, every part of the world we once knew changed forever.

Within one week of that conversation Matt was on board, and the first month we tried, we made a baby. I don’t say this lightly. I know that many, many couples try to conceive for a very long time. It was the one thing we were told, just be patient. Well, Zander was ready. It was as if he was just waiting for us to say YES. It was a miracle that I am eternally grateful for.

And here we are today. Entering our 5th month together, I completely understand and agree that being a Mom IS the most exhausting, demanding job I have had. And as most parents say, it is absolutely, by far, THE most rewarding experience I have ever known. And I wouldn’t trade it with anything in this world.

In the last year, my very talented, artistic, visionary husband has occasionally asked me what I’m passionate about. Helloooo … duhh. Zander, of course! But if there was anything outside of that, what would it be? I’m confused by the question. This coming from someone who was VERY creative and career focused for a LOT of years.

As the months have gone by, one thing keeps floating to the top for me. One thing that keeps coming back and gets me excited every time I think about it. One thing I can do that will truly add to my life as a mother, and hopefully to lots of other moms’ lives whether you work full-time or part-time inside or out of the home. One thing that has the power to make our day to days even more fulfilling and enjoyable. That passion is The Baby Spa. A resource to help Moms and Dads soothe the newest member of our family.

As if you don’t already know, all babies fuss and cry. There’s an array of reasons, but mostly it’s because that’s how they tell us things. I am a new mom figuring out my baby as we all try to figure out our own babies. And if you have more than one child, you surely know:

Every baby is unique.

My baby. My unbelievably beautiful, amazing, unique, precious baby. He is often referred to as ‘so happy’ and truly when people ask, “Is he always this calm?!” I can honestly say:  absolutely not :)

But for the most part, he’s chill. In the womb I had the feeling that he was strong, calm, and joyful. Since I have gotten to know him, he is especially those 3 descriptives. It’s amazing. He’s also a screamer. He’s just like many babies, he’s had gas discomfort, he’s teething terribly, he cries extra loud when he’s tired, he demands food, and did I mention, he’s a screamer.

Time and time again, my 20 years of spa and healing expertise have helped me help him. It enables me to create a calm environment, to find my center when it’s really needed, and to utilize tools that help all people, big and tiny, say ‘ahhhh’. Wouldn’t you have loved to experience spa living at an early age? I know I would! It has the power to create a heavenly space in your body and your home.

There are no proven techniques that work the same for all babies. I am here to help you find effective ways to help YOUR baby. This site is filled with resources to help you and your little ones have more peace and joy. We provide many free resources including infant massage tutorials, relaxation and sleep techniques, pampering product reviews, educational videos, literature, and as much helpful stuff as we can think of! Let this website guide you, inform you, and support you.

And if no one has told you yet today – you are doing an amazing job!

let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me